Friday, March 28, 2014

When It Comes to Dogs, Don't Judge One By His Breed

When you think of a Rottweiler, what comes to mind? Vicious? Mean? Scary? How about friendly, playful and sweet? I will admit, a month ago, I probably would have said mean and scary, but today it's the latter. My family recently ended up adopting a Rotteweiler named Thor from a local no kill shelter. This is his story. 

Thor is a 3 year old 100 pound Rottweiler that we rescued from Yellow Brick Road Rescue in Big Bend, WI. His first family lost their house and surrendered him to the Humane Society. The Humane Society contacted Yellow Brick Road and told them he was too good of a dog and they should take him. They did. 

Some time later, Thor was adopted out to a single guy who just got back from the military. 9 months later Animal Control contacted Yellow Brick Road via Thor's microchip. His owner disappeared and left him locked in the basement for days. A neighbor called Animal Control and they found Thor very happy and excited to see people. Yellow Brick Road took him back in January of this year. 

The owners of Yellow Brick Road suggested we take Thor saying he would fit our family nicely. I refused to see him because I was not going to have a Rottweiler in my house. They showed us 2 dogs who were both very friendly and nice. They insisted that we should at least meet Thor and we finally did.

When they brought him out, my first words were "Dear God in heaven!". He is the size of a pony and he has a huge head. He looks like your typical junk yard dog. I was terrified. I finally got the courage to pet him and he looked up at me with these big brown eyes. He leaned up against me and rolled on his back waiting for me to rub his tummy and I obliged. I looked over at my wife and said "I want him."  

Thor has fit in nicely in our home. He broke out of his cage the first few times we left him alone. We think it's because he has separation anxiety and he was afraid we were going to leave him like his last owner. Other than that, he's been a big ol teddy bear. He's very gentle and sweet and he loves to be petted, particularly on his belly. He listens so well that the kids can easily manage him and he's a great fit for our family. Everyone that meets him says they want him. Too bad. They can't have him. 

A month ago, I would have told you there is no way I'd ever own a Rottweiler. After meeting Thor and bringing him into my home, I can say that a Rottweiler is one of the best dogs I have ever met in my life. To think that I almost didn't give him a chance because of his breed is absurd to me now. Every animal is different regardless of their breed. When it comes to adopting a pet, do it with an open mind or you might pass up a great dog.